Rock Climbing International Festival 2020

Organizer --  Euro-Asian Mountaineering Association (EAMA)

Competition class - High Altitude Technical - from 1 January to 15 november 2020, Ukraine, Kharkiv.

Competition class - High Altitude - from 31 July to 23 August 2020, Kazakhstan, Central Tien Shan, Northern Inylchek Glacier.

Competition class - Rock - from 29 August to 3 September 2020, Kazakhstan, Almaty, Zailiysky Alatau mountains, Maloalmatinsky gorge, Tuyuk-Su tract.



Welcome to trad-climbing festival June 16-17 at Stolby, Krasnoyarsk, Russia.
Trad-Contest is unique rock climbing event. We invite team of climbers (pairs) of different level. We prepare about 50 routes rated from 5b to 8b. All the lines should be climbed with natural protection. 8 best routes done by the team will count when defining the winners list.
It will be the eight time this annual event is being held. Beside Trad-Contest we organize series of climbing activities: Trad-climbing School, Boulderfest, Trad-climbing Camp.
Information in the attached file


Dear Friends!
We are cordially inviting a team from your country to take part at the World Championship of Mountaineering (rocky class) which will be hold in Kazakhstan, city of Almaty, mountain range of Zailiysky Alatau, Low-Almaty gorge, Tuyuk-Su from August 29th till September 04th, 2016.
The information letter with regulations on the World Championship in Mountaineering (rocky class) will be sent later.


From 1 to 14 February 2016 Ala-Archa, Kyrgyzstan will host an international festival of mountaineering.
We invite climbers to participate in the festival.


Video clip ROCK CLIMBING INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL (Demir-Kapija 2015) by Irina Morozova can look at the


For Heads of National Mountaineering and Climbing Federation,
For alpine clubs and sections!
For extreme sports and simple recreation fans!

Dear friends !!!

Euro-Asian Mountaineering Association (EAMA) invites you to an international rock festival on the natural relief!


The festival takes place from 08 to 13 September 2015 in the community of Demir Kapija Republic of Macedonia.

Lineup of all the participants at the closing ceremony. Photo by Eugenia Alexeeva

 The Mountaineering World Championship (competition class - rock) in Crimea, which took place from September 29 through October 7, 2013 is over. The winner was the Ukrainian team.

Photo by Zhenia Alekseeva

On October 2, all the teams had chosen their first routes and in the afternoon some of them left to the appointed climbing areas in order to start their first routes early next morning...


The panel of judges at the World Cup in 2013 completed a mountaineering taking pre-orders.
Declared their participation in the Championship team of the 12 countries. Among them, 20 men's teams and seven women.
Change the number of allowed e declared command from the participating countries within the time limit.