As of 06.09.2012 17, teams from 6 countries submitted applications for participation in the Championship

According to corrected data applications from 6 countries (Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia) were received in the organizing committee of the World Championship, that will take place on 1st-9th October in Crimea. Total amount of teams, wishing to participate in the competitions, is 17 roped parties (10 men, 1 mixed, 6 women).

Preliminary list of participants:

Men roped parties:

1    Poltavets Evgenii        m    Ukraine

2    Timko Evgenii            m    Ukraine

3    Zakolodnyi Aleksandr m    Ukraine

4    Ochenash Anatolii m    Ukraine

5    Perevalov Maksim m    Ukraine

6    Tsushko Taras m    Ukraine

7    Efremov Ilia m Russia

8    Verbitskii Aleksandr m Russia

9    Tsygankov Pavel m Russia

10    Vlasenko Pavel m Russia

11    Dashkevich Sergei m Russia

12    Novoseltsev Evgenii m Russia

13    Shcherbatiuk Mikhail m Moldova

14    Shcherbatiuk Ruslan      m Moldova

15    Belotserkovskii Kiril m Kazakhstan

16    with a partner m Kazakhstan           

17    Dabrundashvili Guram m Georgia-1

18    Mikeladze Erekle m Georgia-1

19    Badriashvili Archil m Georgia-2

20    Nadiradze Karlo m Georgia-2

21    Grigorieva Santa f Latvia

22    Vilks Kaspars m Latvia


Women roped parties:

1    Yasinskaia Anna f Ukraine

2    Revchuk Oksana f Ukraine

3    Penina Katerina f Ukraine

4    Gryshko Victoria f Ukraine

5    Bakaleinikova Irina f Russia

6    Galatsevich Polina f Russia

7    Andreeva Aliona f Russia

8    Terentieva Yulia f Russia

9    Smelovskaia Maria f Russia

10    Borisova Yulia f Russia

11    Kukhareva Galina f Russia reserve

12    Asotskaia Anna f Russia            reserve


This list is not final. We negotiate with several countries. Deadline of the preliminary applications is the 15th September