An invitation to the "Rock climbing International festival"

For Heads of National Mountaineering and Climbing Federation,
For alpine clubs and sections!
For extreme sports and simple recreation fans!

Dear friends !!!

Euro-Asian Mountaineering Association (EAMA) invites you to an international rock festival on the natural relief!


The festival takes place from 08 to 13 September 2015 in the community of Demir Kapija Republic of Macedonia.

The festival program includes:

- Climbing Marathon, multipitch - marathon, climbing lessons for beginners;
- International competition for masters of climbing - Rock Climbing World Championship;
- Big Wall Speed Contest. Artificial Climbing Master Competition;
- Walking tour to the site of climbing competitions;
- Best of Mountain Film Festival "Vertical" (Russia) and "Echo" (Macedonia);
- Round table discussion on the problems and prospects of development of mountaineering;
- Friendly evening around the campfire;
- Free access to visit the museum and tavern of Demir Kapija;
- And much more ...

To participate in the festival you must register and sign the established form of personal responsibility and competence in the chosen form of activity. For persons under 18 years of age, the parents give their subscription.

Pre-filing, the order of the hotel, transfer organization – please contact:
Alexander Klenov, +389 70 343 401,
Alexander Pyatnitsin, +7 960 443 45 55,

An official letter of invitation, see the attached file.