The Prize Fund of the Championship is $25000!

On 24th May, 2012 in Kyiv the regular session of the Executive Committee of the rock class of the World Championship under the chairmanship of the Head of the Executive Committee, the President of the Mountaineering and Climbing federation of Ukraine Simonenko V.K. was held.
Attendees: Zagirnyak M.V., Verba A.A., Kopeika G.V., Skoryk V.V.
The “Program of PR-support of the rock class of the mountaineering World Championship”, projects of the official invitation letters to member countries of the Championship, projects of letters to the corresponding state structures were affirmed. The model of the poster of the Championship that will be distributed in the specialized shops, clubs, mountaineering sections of Ukraine, Russia and other countries, was affirmed.
The structure and the text of the presentation video of the Championship and other current questions were discussed. We carry out the work with sponsors about the forming of the prize fund of the World Championship. The sum of $25000 has been agreed upon!
In June are planning to make a trip of the representatives of the Executive Committee to the Crimea for choosing the location of the Referees’ Board and the participants during the Championship, and also the sites for holding the official ceremonies.